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Time Relays - Remote Control

Switching element with 1 output channel is used to control appliances, sockets, lights…

After sending the command (from the controller) the relays starts counting:

  • Delayed OFF function - after sending the command  the relay starts counting relays (while output switches) and switches off after a pre-set time
  • Delayed start - after sending the command  the relay starts counting and relay output closes after a set time
  • The ON / OFF - after sending the command  the relay switches on / off output

Remote controlled relays can be used for:

  • Remote switching loads (motor, pump, ventilator, suction, light ...).
  • Control of barriers, gates, shutters

Remote range is 200 m.From a smart phone (through RF smart box) relays can be controlled from any location where is an internet connection.
This relay is also offered in 2 channel and 6 channel versions (link RFSA-62B, RFSA-66M).

For more information, visit the product website (link RFSA-61M).

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