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We have combined the iNELS RF Control wireless solution and the bus intelligent electrical installation under one umbrella term: iNELS SMART HOME SOLUTIONS. One logo – two varying solutions. They can also be successfully combined. The variability and fl exibility of the wireless solution for existing households wanting to elevate their home use to a modern living standard. Installation is easy and fast, installation elements can always be added, and controllers can be placed where you want them. The intelligent iNELS system runs your entire home just the way you want it.


  • ideal solution for new buildings
  • two-wire bus
  • bus once stretched you can always expand
  • security system, combined with detectors
  • remote control (PC, mobile phone applications)
  • imitation of presence
  • regulation depending on the weather
  • ecology and energy saving
  • modern trends in controling
  • media under control (can also be controlled via TV)


Remote access
by Internet, PDA, or SMS text messages

Regulation of all types of heating and cooling systems
in each room (circuit) independently, regulation of temperature in dependence on outside weather

Control of external shutters
garage door, sliding gates - automatically according to weather

Security system
monitoring of burglar motion
prevention of fi re emergency due to detection of gas or smoke

Simulation of presence
automatic control of shutters dependent on time

Light control
lighting scenes dependent on ambient light intensity, on motion, or on time

Central control
selected lights, appliances, sockets circuits can be switched OFF by touch of a button

Control of appliances 
you can control any appliance connected to iNELS by time/ temperature / light intensity or other preset modes

Electrical solutions and the usage of iNELS BUS system in practice

iNELS BUS System - Hotel room
iNELS BUS System - Hotel room
iNELS Multimedia extension - Apartment
iNELS Multimedia extension - Apartment
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