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  • provide greater safety
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  • meet your expectations

RF Control - Wireless RF system is unique solution of intelligent electro-installation especially for reconstructions of houses, apartments or wiring extensions. Installation can be carried easily without breaking or cutting into the walls. Units (actuators) can be installed directly into the suitable wall boxes, lighting covers, switchboards and wherever you installation permits. RF Control allows wireless control of electrical equipment and appliances, light dimming, control of shutters, blinds, garage doors, driveway gates, swimming pools. Appliances can be switched depending on time, preset programmes, scenes etc.


  1. installation without breaking the walls
  2. could be moved any time - elements are not kept by wire but by the waves
  3. any time expandable - actuators and drivers can increase exponentially
  4. appropriate to existing installations
  5. variable control - switch, keychain, remote control, touchscreen unit
  6. centralized control - thanks to RF Touch
  7. planning for the week ahead
  8. combination with detectors - motion, smoke, opening windows/doors
  9. controlling actuators as a group with a single touch
  10. luxurious design

 What does wireless control bring to you?

  • Switching of appliances or electrical devices remotely
  • Dimming lights, light scenes
  • Controlling shutters, awnings, outdoor blinds and blinds between windows
  • Controlling access gates, garage doors
  • Manual or automatic control - according to set program
  • Switching appliances in relation to reaction of employed detectors
  • Reaction to (unwanted) opening of a window or door
  • Reaction to movement of persons (wanted and unwanted)
  • Energy savings due to regulation of lights and heating

Electrical solutions and the usage of iNELS RF Control in practice

RF Control - Family home
RF Control - Family home
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