• Control of audiovisual scenes
  • Lighting control
  • Unified control under one control

Even the theologian Jan Hus needs his BUS 

The town of Husinec, located in South Bohemia in the Prachatice district, boasts a museum in honour of the famous Czech native, theologian Jan Hus. The exhibition follows chronologically the theologian’s life, his tenure at the Charles University, his preaching work, and the course of the dissemination of Hus's ideas and works throughout Europe. Certainly, you would not expect to find the presence of modern electrical installations there? Big mistake!

The local people are rightly very proud of Jan Hus, they always endeavour to retain the memory of his lifelong work and move it forward, while also ensuring visitors maximum comfort. The proof of this is the extensive reconstruction to the order of tens of millions of crowns, which the museum went through in 2015, during which our iNELS BUS system came into play. During installation, care had to be taken to avoid physical damage to the exhibits.

This is also borne out by the words of Mayor Hussein, Mrs. Ludmila Pánková: "Jan Hus's native house was dilapidated for many years and did not act as a dignified monument for such a significant person. After initial problems and ambiguities, in 2015, thanks to subsidies to the museum and a project with one private company, we finally succeeded in reconstructing, restoring its appearance and technologically moving it forward, using modern electro-installations and controls. "

How can a BUS system manage a museum?

It allows simple access the exhibits in the museum, pressing a button on the EST3 touchscreen brings up the scene that starts the video projection and starts the soundtrack. During the video, spotlights light up the exhibits currently under narration. Besides these scenes, the main lighting is also controlled, which switches on when someone moves in the area. If someone begins a projection the brightness of lights in the room are automatically reduced.

The system is complemented by DMD3 motion and illumination sensors connected to the DALI bus. The EMDC-64M control unit, designed for DALI / DMX protocols is in full control. It honours’ its name and is able to control up to 64 connected devices at one time. To communicate with the audio / video components a Connection server is utilized, which translates the individual device protocols.

 Benefits of installing the iNELS system: 
  • The ability to preselect lighting and audio-visual scenes that are subsequently activated without the need for human intervention

  • Unified control of all system components in one place. Simple and intuitive control for visitors via the touch panel.

  • Option to extend the system at any time with other features, thanks to a wireless solution without complicated building modifications.

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