Reduce the intensity where it’s required

Reduce the intensity where it’s required
  • Checking the intensity of the lights
  • Cost savings
  • Convenient control 

The light is still lit at 100% intensity. Such intensity is neither always necessary nor desired. Did you know that the light intensity can be controlled? The solution is much more than just a less powerful bulb or a chandelier which allows only one of the bulbs to be lit.

By reducing the brightness of a 60W bulb in the day time for 3 hours at 50%, you can save up to Kc 300 for one lamp per year. If you control the brightness of five lamps in your apartment or house, you'll save more than Kc 1,500 a year. Return on investment is guaranteed within 1 year. (Price depends on dimmer type and light intensity 0 - 100%)

Lower intensity

Use dimmers that can control the brightness of the bulbs in the range of 5-99%, and the lamps, which can be switched on and off with a gradual onset, thereby saving bulb. With the dimmer in combination with wireless control, you can regulate the lighting even from the comfort of your sofa.
Dimmers are differentiated according to the type of light source - conventional light bulb, halogen lamp, energy saving, or LED, or according to the form of control - classic button or wireless. Press the switch briefly to turn the lamp on or off, and with a long push, the dimmer will gradually diminish. At the moment the button is released, the dimmer will store the desired intensity in the memory, and another short press will call up the last selected level of illumination.

In terms of the light source use, the most versatile is the RFDEL-71B dimmer, which is designed for all types of loads (bulbs, halogen lamps, energy saving lamps, LEDs). The main difference from other types is its wireless control. This in practice means placing the dimmer directly into the light cover and controlling it from anywhere. You can put the wireless switch (RFWB-40) on the table, screw it on the wall, or stick to the glass. It is easily adjustable by a switch on the front of the device, controlled by an RF transmitter (for example, RFWB-20 wireless switch) or an existing button.

It also offers the possibility of setting a minimum brightness with a potentiometer, which eliminates the flickering of different types of light bulbs.

When switched off, the brightness setting is stored in the memory; the brightness is set to this value when the power is on again.

With this dimmer you can do more than just dim! You can gradually turn on / off the lights in the room and use light scenes (levels of lighting). You can also control multiple dimmers using the controller. The RFWB-40 can control up to 4 dimmers. The highest level of the wireless solution is by smart phone control. This nifty feature is available to you via the RF smart box.

The dimmer for classical and halogen bulbs is the SMR-U dimmer. This type is designed for incandescent and halogen bulbs with maximum power up to 500 W installed into your existing wiring with switch at the placement of the original power button.

 Avoid flickering
The third type of dimmer SMR-M is designed for dimmable energy saving lamps and LED light sources. It is also installed in your existing wiring under the power switch. The advantage is that the dimmer has protection against voltage fluctuations in the network to ensure that your LED will not flicker uncomfortably.

We are aware of the issue of expertise, as a result we will gladly advise you and explain what you need to know, what to do, and be very happy to help. Your apartment, house, or any building, iNELS is also suitable for large projects. Contact us on +420 800 100 671 or email us at

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