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Power supply PS3-100/iNELS


EAN: 8595188131568 | Code: 4889 standard


  •  PS3-100/iNELS is a switched stabilized power supply with a total output of 100 W.
  •  It is used to power central units and external masters within the iNELS bus wiring.
  •  Through the bus separators from the supply voltage BPS3-01M and BPS3-02M, it supplies power to the bus branches of the BUS, from which the iNELS peripheral units are further powered
  •  PS3-100/iNELS is also used in the field of MaR (measurement and regulation).
  •  The PS3-100/iNELS power supply has two fixed output voltage levels of 27.6 V DC and 12.2 V DC. These output voltages are galvanically separated from the AC network.
  •  Voltage sources 27 V DC and 12 V DC have a common terminal GND.
  •  PS3-100/iNELS is equipped with electronic protection against short circuit, over- five, power and temperature overload.
  •  UPS Function- Backing up outputs with backup batteries.
  •  After connecting the AC supply voltage, the backup batteries are recharged from a 27.6 V DC source.
  •  The power supply supplies power primarily to the iNELS system and the remaining power is used to recharge the backup batteries.
  •  When the backup batteries are complelely discharged, the battery is automatically removed from the load.
  •  Infinitely adjustable maximum charging current of backup batteries.
  •  Backup batteries are secured by a fusible fuse to protect against short circuits or reverse polarity of the batteries.
  •  Signalling of operating and fault conditions by means of 6 LEDs located on the front panel of the power supply.
  •  2 STATUS outputs with open collector for reporting operating power supply systems.
  •  PS3-100/iNELS in 6-MODULE version is designed for mounting on a DIN rail EN60715.

Technical parameters 

  • Output: 27.6 V / 3.6 A, 12.2 V / 0.35 A
  • Supply voltage (frequency): 100-250 V AC (50/60 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 105 x 65 mm


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