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Switching actuator,
4-channels SA3-04M

EAN: 8595188132381 | Code: 3238 standard


  •  SA3-04M is a switching actuator containing 4 independent relays with changeover potential-free contacts.
  • The maximum load per contact is 16 A/4000 VA/AC1. 
  • Each of the 4 outputs contacts are individually controllable and addressable.
  • All four relays are individually decorated input terminals, and therefore can switch various independent potentials.
  • The actuator is designed for switching 4 various appliances or loads by relay outputs (potential free contacts).
  • Thanks to changeover contacts, it can be used to control up to two drives with 230 V power (such as blinds, shutters or awnings) with appropriate bridging, the contacts can secure hardware blocking the possibility of simultaneous switching of the phase on both outputs, see an example of connection.
  • LEDs on the front panel signal the status of each output.
  • The contact status of each relay can be changed separately and manually by control buttons on a front panel.
  • Switching actuators SA3 is normally supplied in the option AgSnO2 contact material.
  • SA3-04M in 3-MODULE version is designed for mounting into a switchboard, on DIN rail EN60715.


  • Number of contacts: 4x CO, 16 A
  • Switching current: 16 A / AC1
  • Switching output: 4000 VA / AC1, 384 W/DC
  • Supply voltage (frequency): BUS 27 V DC
  • Rated current from BUS: 70 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Housing: 3-MODULE
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65 mm


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