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Pulse converter RFTM-1


EAN: 8595188143158 | Code: 4315


  • The energy gateway RFPM-2M acts as an interface between the meter and a smartphone.
  • Measured values are displayed in the application iHC-MAIRF/iHC-MIIRF, in daily, weekly or monthly overview in graphs.
  • The sensor is designed for use on existing meters and even without the impulse output “S0” (The gauge must support scan).
  • RFTM-1 transfers consumption from meters using sensors - LS (LED sensor), WS (Magnetic sensor for meter), MS (Magnetic sensor) or by impulse output („S0“).
  • For each consumption meter, it is necessary to have one pulse converter RFTM-1.
  • Battery power (2x 1.5 V AAA batteries - included in package) with average battery life of around 2 years (according to the type of scan, frequency of transmissions and pulses).
  • Range up to 100 m (in open space), if the signal between the controller and the user is weak, use the signal repeater RFRP-20 or protocol component RFIO2 that support this feature.
  • Communication frequency with bidirectional protocol RFIO.
  • The increased IP65 protection is appropriate for mounting in risers, switchboards and other demanding environments.


  • Power supply: 2x 1.5 AAA batteries 
  • Setting mode: Green LED flashes - active, Red LED - fl ashes during impulse sensor registration  
  • Sensor Selection: rotary potentiometer 
  • Operating position: any
  • Protection: IP65
  • Dimension: 72 x 62 x 34 mm 
  • Weight: 104 g 


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