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2N Helios IP Verso 5 button module

The 2N Helio Vario IP Expansion Module

EAN: 859515950434 | Code: 9155035


The 2N Helios IP Verso 5 button module is a 5-Button Module features 5 x Backlit Mechanical Buttons to increase the number of Quick-call zones on your Verso Device. Each Quick-call button is backlit with clear, white LEDs and has space for changeable name tags.

The 2N® Helios IP Verso is a security intercom that, thanks to its modularity, can be used everywhere you need to choose a specific function and purpose of use. For example, you can choose an HD camera with an infrared light and night vision or a smart card reader. It can not only be easily integrated into your current camera and monitoring system, but thanks to programmable scripts, also with KNX installation. Furthermore, the whole system can be also used as a security component to protect the building.

In addition, the 2N® Helios IP Verso intercom is very durable, works perfectly in environments from -40 °F to +140 °F and can endure sudden changes in weather. Communication between individual intercoms and the LAN network is secured using the 802.1x protocol and, thanks to a closed OS, the intercom is resistant to attacks by hackers.

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