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Analog time switches see the light of day!

Analog time switches ATS photo

If you are looking for a cheaper and easier alternative to digital SHT time switches, but still want a quality product that you can rely on, pay attention to us for a moment.

We would like to introduce you our analog time switches ATS series - working on a time basis, suitable for controlling heating, air conditioning, lighting or pumps. In the event of a sudden power failure, the clock is also equipped with a power reserve (100 to 150 hours depending on the type of product).

We are also preparing a webinar for you on the topic of analog switches, where you will learn much more about functionality, settings and technical parameters.

Analog time switches ATS-1DR

The first in the family is the ATS-1DR, a handy switch in a single-module design that takes up significantly less space than traditional SHT timer switches. It works on the basis of a daily program. By simply programming the dial on the device, for example, you can set the air conditioning to switch on every two hours. The minimum switching interval is 15 minutes.

Two operating modes can be set:

  • Switching automatically according to the set program.
  • Permanent closing of the output contact.

Download the datasheet

Analog time switches ATS-2DR

The two-module version is the ATS-2DR. In addition to the changeover contact and a higher power reserve after disconnection of the power supply (up to 150 hours at full charge), they also have three operating modes, selectable by means of a switch and symbols on the panel:

  • Switching automatically according to the set program, e.g., switches on / off the connected contactor at a certain time.
  • Permanent closing of the output contact.
  • Permanent opening of the output contact.

Download the datasheet

Analog time switches ATS-2WR

The ATS series with a daily program is also complemented by the ATS-2WR time switches, which works on a weekly basis. Therefore, in addition to time, the programming dial also has days of the week. It is thus possible, for example, to set the pump switching to every Monday morning. Minimum switching interval is 210 minutes.

Download the datasheet

Date of publication: 10. 10. 2023


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