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Bistable relay

2x NO, 20 A contacts
with remote control 

EAN: 8595188168885 | Code: 6888


  • Bistable relays are used to switch electrical circuits by impulse command, especially for lighting control in ordinary houses, warehouses, production halls and other buildings.
  • Faster and easier installation thanks to an unlimited number of buttons, connected in parallel by two wires, which is a practical replacement for AC and cross switches.
  • Last but not least, they offer savings in the number of wires used and, in the case of the control circuit, the possibility of using wires with a smaller cross-section, where the power input is minimal compared to the power circuit.
  • The state of the Bistable relay changes with a short control pulse. As a result of which the relay in the steady state has zero consumption and is noiseless.
  • All relays can be controlled manually using a switch on the relay panel (I-O), which also serves as to signal the status of the contacts.
  • For types BR-220 and BR-232, it is possible to disconnect the electrical switch control and as a result the state of the relay can then only be changed manually (service, maintenance).

Technical parameters

  • Output:  2x NO, 20 A
  • Housing: 1 -MODULE
  • Coil supply voltage (frequency): AC 120 V (60 Hz); AC 230 V (50 Hz)
  • Coil disconnector: yes



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