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Luminescence sensor DLS3-1

Luminescence sensor

EAN: 8595188157506 | Code: 5750 standard


  •  The luminescence sensor DLS3-1 is for sensing the current luminescence at the point of installation of the unit.
  •  The DLS3-1 sensor is equipped with two communication interfaces:
    - iNELS BUS installation
    ​- DALI (a maximum 4 pcs of DMD3-1 or DLS3-1 units can be used on one DALI bus).
  •  Information about the current value of the light intensity can be used in tasks of maintaining constant luminescence. In space where it is possible, thanks to the contribution of natural light from the outside to adjust the artificial light, which can reduce energy consumption.
  •  Thanks to the DLS3-1 units cannot only be used in residential projects, but also in commercial projects, offices or manufacturing plants, warehouses.
  •  The DLS3-1 unit is recommended to be installed so that the luminescence sensor for sensing faces down and should not be exposed to direct radiation.
  •  Setting up a communication interface with DIP switches no. 1:
    - in the upper position determines the communication interface DALI
    - in the lower position determines the communication interface iNELS.
  •  The DLS3-1 detector is powered directly via the iNELS BUS installation (nominal 27 V DC) or DALI BUS (nominal 16 V DC).
  •  The unit can be configured via iNELS3 Designer & Manager software, which, amongst other things it is possible to:
  •  Set the desired functions according to the detected ilumination.
  •  The sensing range is 1-100 000 lux.
  •  The DLS3-1 unit is supplied in IP65 and so can be installed in the outdoor environment.


  • DALI/DMX BUS: yes/no
  • Supply voltage: BUS 27 V DC
  • Rated current from BUS: 12 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Housing: IP65 box
  • Dimensions: 96 x 62 x 34 mm


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