Motion Detector AirMD-100 - Monitor your objects remotely

Motion Detector AirMD-100 photo

The motion detector AirMD-100 from the new iNELS Air product line is used to detect unwanted motion. You are able to watch more distant areas where you look only once in a while. This may include, for example, weekend chalets, barns, warehouses, workshops or garages. The detector communicates via all the most widely used IoT networks in the Czech Republic - Sigfox, LoRu and NB-IoT.

Installation of the detector is very simple. Just put it within range of any network (transmitters are able to communicate with components up to 50 kilometres, according to the parameters of the network) and activate it with a QR code. Data from the detector is sent via the BTS transmitter to the master server, which processes and sends it to the cloud storage. For proper operation and data collection ELKO EP cloud is used to store the history of individual devices. You can attach an unlimited number of components to one account. Notifications are also sent to the corresponding apps on your smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the detector offers a lot of supporting functions. For example, anti-sabotage, when an unauthorized intervention, (such as removing or interrupting the power supply) triggers it automatically. It is also possible to adjust the sensitivity to eliminate the undesired switching or the reaction time of the detector.

The control is simply by using the RF Key wireless keypad, operating with the two-way RFIO protocol. The detector can be deactivated during a visit to the guarded premises and, after leaving the room, it is put into operation again by one push. The detector can also be paired with multiple keys; each family member or an authorized person can have their own controller.

The motion detector can operate in reverse when motion is desirable. For example, if you have older parents living alone in an apartment, you can track with movement notifications to see if everything is in good order.

In addition to the motion detector, the flood detector, smoke detector, or air quality sensor are also included in the iNELS Air range. They can be used in all types of areas, from flats to offices, to commercial spaces, even in smart cities. They can, for example, make parking easier or be installed on smart lighting masts; you can find more uses in the attached video.

Motion Detector AirMD-100 photo


Date of publication: 01. 12. 2017

Information about the company

ELKO EP is one of the leading European players in the field of domestic and industrial installations for more than 23 years. Since 2007, the company has developed and produced its own system of intelligent Smart Home & Building Solutions called iNELS.

The company ELKO EP HOLDING currently employs nearly 300 people, exports to 70 countries around the world and already has 10 foreign branches. The company is rightly proud of its own production of components, custom development and innovation of new products. It is also able to offer its customers immediate distribution and quick, flawless service. ELKO EP became Company of the Year in 2012 and has the TOP 100 Czech firms’ award.



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