Even new technology can be fun ... just like the Holešov Regatta

Even new technology can be fun ... just like the Holešov Regatta photo

Not only was the Holešov Regatta 2018 held in the penultimate week in June, with ELKO EP as a proud partner, we also held the Export Partners Meeting 2018, attended by partners from different parts of the world.

ELKO EP has introduced a number of new technological breakthroughs not only from our clever public lighting products and iNELS AIR (IoT based), but also a comprehensive hospital solution. They will be appreciated not only by the general public, but also entities such as schools, hospitals and businesses, these new technologies make it easier for everyday life. In our busy program, however, space remained for fun as well. Not only with regards to the already mentioned Holešov Regatta. Partners also had the opportunity to discover the beauty of Holešov and also Kroměříž, which is rightfully listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Having been given enough time to recharge their batteries, in the afternoon they were in good spirits. This was used primarily for the rapturous applause of the ELKO Band, which is part of the traditional line-up of the festival. This brought about a pleasant conclusion of the whole meeting and the Regatta which was further enhanced by the fact that the weather was good. Finally, we are already looking forward to the future, in the field of technology, entertainment and the exciting new faces that we will meet there.

Even new technology can be fun ... just like the Holešov Regatta photo
Date of publication: 26. 06. 2018

Information about the company

ELKO EP is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic equipment for residential, office and industrial automation. We have been supplying the world over for the past 27 years; our main domain is primarily relays, but we also supply wireless products and IoT products. But we're not just focused on products; we also propose comprehensive and highly effective solutions.

Our branches are located in 13 countries around the world, but all developments and production takes place in our own premises in Holešov. Thanks to this background, we have received several important awards, such as the Visionary of the Year 2015 or the Global Exporter in 2016.




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