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Flood detector RFSF-100

The flood detector is used to detect water leaks

EAN: 8595188176828 | Code: 7682


  • The flood detector is used to detect water leakage - the activation occurs the moment the flooding of the contacts located on the underside of the detector occurs.
  • Upon detecting water, the flood detector immediately sends a signal to the switched unit, which further switches on a pump, GSM gate or closes a pipe valve.
  • Flood detection is signaled by optical and acoustic signaling. 
  • Range up to 160 m (in open space); if the signal is insufficient between the controller and unit, use the signal repeater RFRP-20 or protocol component RFIO2 that supports this feature.


  • Battery power: 2x batteries 1.5 V AAA
  • Alarm detection: optical and audible alarm
  • Dimensions: Ø 95 x 23 mm
  • Protocol: RFIO2


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