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Glass Bedside Panel

Glass bedside panel - right and left

EAN: 8595188157292 (WR/2F) | Code: 5729 standard (WR/2F)


  • Glass bedside panel GBP3-60 is part of a comprehensive range of iNELS control units for guest room management system (GRMS). Bedside panel is composed from three modules, of which one is module of touch buttons and two are modules to power for example mobile devices.
  • GBP3-60 panel is equipped with six customizable touch buttons whose function can be software adapted to the requirements of the investor. Of course there is the possibility of using the "Master OFF", then you can select functions for switching and dimming of lighting, shading control, different scenarios etc.
  • GBP3-60 can be equipped with a number of modules, for example.
  • Power AC sockets: French, British, Multi, and Shockproof
  • Other types of modules: USB, LAN, Media
  • The glass panel is a design component of the iNELS system and is available in elegant black (GBP3-60/B) and white (GBP3-60/W) version.
  • Printing is possible to customize to the investor requirements.
  • Individual symbols can be illuminated in one of seven colours - red, green, blue, yellow, pink, turquoise and white.
  • GBP3-60 are designed for mounting into triple installation box (distance between the centres of each of openings is 71 mm).

Technical parameters 

  • Number of buttons: 6
  • Supply voltage: BUS 27 V DC
  • Rated current from BUS: 25-50 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Measurement: 1x external input for TC/TZ or 1x digital, brightness sensor



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