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Glass switch button GSB3-290

EAN: 8595188189613 | Code: 8961 standard (white)
EAN: 8595188189606 | Code: 8960 standard (black)


  • Glass touch controllers GSB3-XXX are part of a comprehensive range of glass iNELS control units and can be advantageously used in all projects for example as a part of guest room management system (GRMS).
  • The GSB3-40, GSB3-60, and GSB3-90 models feature a square design, while the GSB3-240, GSB3-260, and GSB3-290 models come in a round design.
  • GSB3-40 and GSB3-240 are equipped with four, GSB3-60, GSB3-260 six and GSB3- 90, GSB3-290 nine touch buttons whose functions can easily be modified by the software.
  • The glass touch controller is equipped with an integrated temperature sensor. It is also equipped with analog-to-digital input (AIN/DIN), which can be used to connect potential-free contact or external temperature sensor TC/TZ (for example temperature measurement of the floor).
  • Advantages over conventional switches/buttons are saving space, signaling the state of any system output, the ability to measure temperature as well and the ability to connect external buttons or detectors.
  • Each button can control any actuator (appliance) in the system. Also, you can assign each button a different function or macro (set of functions). It is therefore possible to use one button to control several appliances at once.
  • The glass touch panel is a design component of the iNELS system and is available in elegant black (GSB3-XXX/B) and white (GSB3-XXX/W) versions.
  • The individual capacitive buttons are point-illuminated by a blue LED indicating the status of the controlled output.
  • All versions are in the size of the standard module (94x94 mm) and designed for mounting into an installation box.


  • Number of buttons: 9
  • Supply voltage: BUS 27 V DC
  • Rated current from BUS: 20-38 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Internal temp. sensor: yes
  • Dimensions: 94 x 94 x 41 mm


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