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Glass wall card reader

EAN: 8595188155793 | Code: 5579 standard (white)
EAN: 8595188155854 | Code: 5585 standard (black)


  • Wall RFID card reader GMR3-61 is designed for the reading of contactless media (chip cards, key fobs, tags, etc.), which are used for controlling access to buildings or parts of buildings.
  • With the glass controller GMR3-61 users will appreciate the elegant design and the easy of control using six touch buttons, which can be assigned different control functions lighting, shading, scenes,
    heating, etc.
  • GMR3-61 is a design element of the (control) system iNELS and is available in black (GMR3-61/B) and white (GMR3-61/W) variants.
  • GMR3-61 reader can be used to control the security system (locking/ unlocking) access system (opening doors, gates, etc.) or appliances (based on assigned rights).
  • GMR3-61 supports RFID media with a carrier frequency of 13.56 MHz. Supported card types MIFARE Ultralight, DESFire 2K (EV1), DESFire 4K (EV1) .
  • The GMR3-61 is also equipped with 8 A relay output with changeover contact AgSnO2, which can be switched directly by a reader (or by any controller in the system).
  • Between each pair of touch keys is a pair of indicator LEDs (Green, Red) to indicate the status of the controlled appliance, or the state of any sensor or actuator in the system.
  • Located on each touch button is a blue LED indicator, signaling the touch of a button. Touching may also be signaled by a vibrating pulse or audible tone - optionally in the software iDM3.
  • All variants of GMR3-61 are available in sizes of luxury controllers LOGUS90 (94 x 94 mm).
  • GMR3-61 reader is equipped with a sensor of ambient light intensity. Based on information from the sensor can switch the orientation of blue LEDs on the touchpad GSB3 or perform various actions with the software iDM3, eg. To control the lighting circuits in the corridor and others.
  • GMR3-61 cannot be installed into multiple frames they are designed for mounting into installation boxes.


  • Number of buttons: 6
  • Supply voltage: BUS 27 V DC
  • Rated current from BUS: 50 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Internal temp. sensor: Yes
  • Inputs: -
  • Dimensions: 94 x 94 x 36 mm


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