Whether it's cold or frosty, with iHC it‘s easy

Whether it's cold or frosty, with iHC it‘s easy photo

With the onset of the winter you will certainly appreciate help with the heating. The warmth of your home can handle our iNELS Home Control products, which help you control the heating remotely.

From your smartphone, you enter an instruction in the iHC application which is processed through the eLAN-RF-003 smart box and passed it to the RFATV-1 wireless thermovalve. This sensor monitors the room temperature and, as instructed, opens or closes the radiator valve. It also provides an open window guard function - the valve closes automatically when the window is opened and the temperature suddenly changes. This way you can control up to thirty RFATV-1 thermo-valves and set up to five heating programs in one day. This means that you can split the day into time zones - in the morning, to heat up for a pleasant wake up, in the evening the temperature can again be reduced while you fall asleep right at the beginning of the film. Weekend mode is also entirely at your discretion.

If you are not a fan of mobile applications and you prefer automatic heating control, get the RFTC-50G temperature controller. It measures the room temperature and sends a heating / cooling command based on the set program. This solution is suitable for additional heat sources such as heating rails or electric heaters connected to the RFSC-61 switching socket.

The second option of automatic control is the RF Touch, touch control unit together with the RFSTI-11B switching component. This system solution is suitable for controlling underfloor heating, whether electric or hot water.

With iNELS Home Control and an eLAN-RF-003 smart box, you are not just limited to heating. You can easily control lighting, control garage doors, blinds, fans, security cameras, or audio video devices. You will get invaluable help in your home and it will make it easier for you to work.

For more information about our wireless solutions, please visit our  website.

Whether it's cold or frosty, with iHC it‘s easy photo


Date of publication: 13. 10. 2017

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Millions of Relays, Thousands of satisfied Customers, Hundreds of local staff, Twenty Five Years of Research, Development and Production, Fifteen Foreign Branches , but just ONE Company , ELKO EP, an innovative Czech company, where R&D, Production, Logistics, Service and Support all take place in our expanding Headquarters in Holešov. We are mainly focused our very own systems designed for Hospitality, Health Care, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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