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Infront of door hotel room unit RFGS-30/S


EAN: 8595188189477 | Code: 8947 (white, 230V)
EAN: 8595188189200 | Code: 8920 (black, 230V)
EAN: 8595188191586 | Code: 9158 (white, 24V)
EAN: 8595188191579 | Code: 9157 (black, 24V)


  • In connection with the RFSW-62/S room unit (or RFTC-3 thermostat), it is used to signal the status of MUR, green LED and DND, red LED
  • MUR and DND buttons are interlocked
  • Also includes a bell button for controlling a room bell connected to the switched output of this unit or any iNELS Wireless switching element. The button has 2 colors of backlighting (explained below)
  • The second switched output of this unit can be used to switch the in-front door light and control it from the scheduled HRS system, by time or intensity
  • The unit can be mounted in an installation box, for example, replace a bell button or light switch, only requires a 230V AC power supply. Communication is then wireless
  • The unit can be controlled by up to 4 indoor units (RFSW-62/S or RFTC-3) 
  • Setup and programming are done by a pairing button + signaled by service LEDs
  • The unit can be connected to the HRS (Hotel Reception Software) via the eLAN-RF gateway or the RFTC-3 thermostat. The functions can then be controlled from the reception PC console or the iNELS application.
  • Standard glass color white/black, room number and hotel logo can be defined when ordering


  • Supply voltage: 230V AC or 24V AC/DC
  • Output: 2x switching 8A
  • Communication: wireless, iNELS RFIO2
  • Dimension: 94 x 94 x 39 mm


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