Expandable power module for DIM-6 DIM6-3M-P

Increasment of load connected to DIM-6 for 1 000 VA.

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  • Expansion power module only for use in conjunction with DIM-6
  • DIM6-3M-P provides load expansion for 1 000 VA of load connected to DIM-6. (it means: 2 000VA (DIM-6) + 1 000VA (DIM6-3M-P) = 3 000VA).
  • Overall, DIM-6 can be expanded up to 10.000 VA by 8pcs DIM6-3M-P.
  • Attention-device has to be protected by series of breaker units, compatible to size of connecting load.  
  • DIM-6 in installation is cooled by natural air flow. If the natural air flow access is reduced, cooling has to be provided by ventilator. Rated operating temperature is 35°C/ 95°F.
  • If there are several DIM6-3M-P connected to DIM-6, the distance between them has to be min. 20 mm/0.8”.
  • Max. length of bus EB is 1 m /3.3 ft and the connection has to be realized by screened cable.


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