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Multifuntion digital time switch with Wi-Fi connection


EAN: 8595188184854 | Code: 8485


  • All programs in one device (daily, weekly, yearly and astronomical).
  • UNIversal supply voltage in the range of AC/DC 24 – 240 V (AC 50-60 Hz).
  • Simple setting after the first start-up.
  • User-replaceable battery to back up the set time during power outages.
  • Built-in web server for setup and control via Wi-Fi connection.
  • Time synchronization through NTP server (require internet connection).
  • Possibility of permanent connection to the local network.
  • New well-arranged display with white backlight.
  • ASTROnomic program: manual entry of coordinates or selecting from one of more than 500 preset cities.
    - selection of days of the week
    - astro interrupt function (night break): controls the sunrise/sunset times and compares them with the set OFF/ON times
    - high position accuracy thanks to two decimal places in latitude/longitude
  • One/two channel design (each with an operating hours counter).
  • Pulse/cycle output mode.
  • Transition of summer/winter time – AUTO or OFF.
  • Sealable transparent front panel cover.
  • PIN code protection against unauthorized changes.
  • Wireless firmware update - current version 1.40


  • Program: daily, weekly, yearly and astronomical
  • Replaceable battery: yes
  • Wireless communication: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)
  • Output: 2x changeover, 16 A
  • Housing: 2-MODULE
  • Supply voltage (frequency): AC/DC 24 - 240 V (AC 50-60 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 90 × 35 × 64 mm



  • Added new language mutations (BG)



  • Blocked the option to repeat the program every hour and minute for cyclic output selection (did not work correctly)
  • Battery indication (didn't always indicate correct battery status)
  • Adjusted consumption during power failure (incl. behavior changes during battery power)
  • Optimized web page loading reliability


  • Adjusted astro mode selection (newly divided to Sunset/Sunrise separately with the possibility of deactivation which offers more configurations)
  • Added new predefined locations for the astronomical program (from the original 21 countries and 41 cities to more than 80 countries and 500 cities)
  • Added "State / Province" column for some countries (namely USA and KSA)
  • All passwords on the web are displayed as hidden


  • Added choice of days of the week for the astronomical program (originally it only worked within the whole week including weekends)
  • The Astro interrupt function has been added (described at the top)
  • Sunrise and sunset times will now be more accurate thanks to entering coordinates with two decimal places (this also includes predefined locations)
  • The possibility of a permanent connection to the local network has been added (both AP and client - connection to the local network and configuration device work at the same time)
  • Added new language mutations (SK, PL, HU, ES, DE, RU)


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