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Power relays modular type VS

Serves for reinforcing or „multiplying“ of contacts of existing device


  • VS series contains 6 types of auxiliary relays – VS116K, VS116U, VS308K, VS308U, VS316/24, VS316/230.
  • Auxiliary control of lighting, signaling, relays, boilers, HDO, heaters etc.
  • Thanks to higher number of contact VS308K a VS316 allow to "multiply output" to three independent switching contacts, which can trigger three arbitrary independent loads.
  • VS316K - possibility of connection into 3-phase circuit.


  • Supply voltage:

VS116K, VS308K: AC/DC 24 V or AC 230 V
VS116U, VS308U: AC/DC 12-240 V or AC 230 V
VS316: AC/DC 24 V or AC 230 V (need to define in advance)

  • Output contact: 

VS116K, VS116U: 1x changeover 16 A (AgSnO2)
VS308K, VS308U: 3x chengeover 8 A (AgNi)
VS316: 3x changeover 16 A (AgSnO2) 

  • 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting



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