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Shutter actuator, 14 channels JA3-014M


EAN: 8595188191258 | Code: 9125 standard


  • JA3-014M is an actuator designed for controlling rollers, shutters, blinds, awnings, garage doors, entrance gates, etc.
  • It controls electric drives that are controlled in two directions and have a built-in limit switch.
  • The unit's status is indicated by the green RUN LED on the front panel 
    - if the BUS voltage is connected, but there is no communication via BUS with the master, the LED RUN is on continuously.
    - if the bus voltage is connected and the unit communicates by BUS, the LED RUN flashes.
  • The status of the output contacts is indicated by the Up/ Down LED:
    - when the blind/roller blind is moving up/down, the corresponding LED lights up.
    - if the number of switching operations per minute is exceeded, the corresponding LED flashes.
  • The contact status of each relay JA3-014M can be changed separately and manually by control buttons on a front panel.
  • The software blocking of output relay contacts can be secure using the iNELS Design Manager software.
  • JA3-014M is normally supplied in the option AgSnO2 contact material. 
  • JA3-014M in 6-MODULE version is designed for mounting into a switchboard on DIN rail EN60715.
  • The unit has synchronized closing and opening of the relay in the zero voltage of the sinusoidal waveform. The sync inputs are COM 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 against the N terminal.


  • Number of contacts: 14x switching
  • Switching current: 0.5A / AC15
  • Switching output: 125 VA/AC15
  • The voltage of BUS/tolerance/ nominal current: 27 V DC, -20...+10 %, 150 mA
  • Housing:  6-MODULE
  • Dimensions: 90 x 105 x 65 mm


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