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Smart RF gateway - eLAN-RF-103

EAN: 8595188180443 | Code: 8044


  • The Smart RF Box is a gateway between iNELS RF elements and applications for smartphones, tablets, watches, televisions, voice assistants (Google Home & Alexa) and other third-party devices.
  • It is produced in two versions:
    • eLAN-RF-103: LAN communication
    • eLAN-RF-Wi-103: LAN communication with WiFi in AP (Access Point) mode with direct connection of the smartphone to eLAN-RF-Wi-103 or in Client mode (connection to the home WiFi network by connecting the smartphone via home wireless router).
  • It communicates from up to 70 iNELS RF elements, processes set programs for automatic control.
  • Thanks to two-way communication, it displays the current status of individual elements.
  • Powered by 5 V DC/2 A adapter, USB-C connector (included). 
  • Configuration is done via the iHC application.
  • The package includes an internal antenna AN-I, in case the Smart RF box is located in a metal switchboard, you can use the external antenna AN-E for better signal reception. For the eLAN-RF-Wi-103 version, a WiFi antenna is included in the package.


  • Communication protocol: RFIO2
  • Broadcasting frequency: 866–922 MHz
  • Range: in open space up to 100 m
  • Supply voltage / current:: 5V DC / 0.5A 
  • Power source: 110 - 230 V AC / 5 V DC - 2A (connector USB-C)
  • Design: aluminum box
  • Working position: any
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 136 g


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