Staircase switch CRM-4

Staircase switches allow delayed switching of lights in the corridors, entrances, stairways, halls or for delayed finish of fans (WC, bathroom, etc.)

: 8595188170772 (230V) | : 7077 (230V)


  • It is controled by a button or by several buttons from more places (connected in parallel) buttons can be equipped by glow lamps (max. 35 pcs of glow lamps).
  • For switching both bulbs and fluorescent lamps.
  • Protection against button blocking ( e.g. a match inserted in a button).
  • 3 functions:

AUTO - normal Function according to set time.
OFF – permanently OFF (e.g. when changing bulbs)).
ON – permanently ON (e.g. while cleaning, servicing).


  • Supply voltage AC 230 V.
  • Time range: 0.5 s – 10 min.
  • Output contact: 1x changeover 16A (AgSnO2).
  • 1- MODULE, DIN rail mounting.


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