Twilight switch SOU-3

Serves as control of the device on the basis of ambient light intensity. External version in IP65.

: 8595188140560 | : 4056


  • Twilight and lighting switch in one, function is set by jumper:

Twilight switch – contact closes by decreasing of ambient light intensity, and opens by its increasing. Used for switching of devices at twilight and at night (traffic and garden lighting, lighting of shop windows, commercials).
Light switch – contact closes by increasing ambient light intensity, and opens by decreasing light intensity. Used for switching of devices by reaching of pre-set ambient light level, usually sun shine (pulling down the shutters or blinds, activation of solar panels), adjustable (by jumper) ranges of light level.

  • 3 adjustable levels of lighting range.
  • 3 adjustable levels of time delay (for elimination of short-term fl uctuations of light intensity – for short increases in light intensity).


  • Power supply AC 230 V.
  • Reserve of battery up to 3 years.
  • Output contact: Potentional-free 1x switching 12 A (AgSnO2).
  • 2-MODULE, DIN rail mounting.



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