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The list of topics dissertations and theses

Development area: Application Software – IMM, IDM Smartphones

1) Automatic Updates IMM (iNELS multimedia)
The aim is to create a software update module to the IMM server / client that will automatically perform updates the entire system IMM device in cooperation with the update server.


Communication and knowledge databases(TCP / UDP)
Knowledge of Linux systems and applications (Ubuntu 12.x)


IMM system documentation

2) Voice control electrical iNELS RF Control
The aim is to create a data set of voice commands; the application is designed for voice control of the iNELS Smart Home Solution in the Czech language. The proposed application will be implemented on the platform Raspberry Pi, or. x86 platform with installation to Ubuntu 12.x.


The ability to work with open source applications for speech recognition in smartphones, as well as systems for PC (Win8, MAC OS, Linux, etc.)
Knowledge with question answering and semantic relatedness.
Knowledge of the Raspberry Pi platform


Documentation Raspberry computer - SW part of the core tad.

Area Development: Hardware + applications

3) Transducer Ethernet and Wireless
The aim is the processing protocol converter Ethernet (TCP / UDP) for industrial wireless protocols, protocols used in building automation (EnOcean, KNX RF, Zigbee, Wireless M-bus, 6LowPan). On an Ethernet interface converter it is needed to create an API available for configuration and control communications (individual actuators of the communication).


Knowledge of communication (TCP / UDP)
Knowledge of design HW and FW Ethernet and wireless communications


Documentation of communication eLAN
Documentation of TCP / UDP CU3-01M

4) Converter iNELS and KNX (KNX RF)
The aim is the processing of the transmission of Ethernet communication interface KNX or KNX RF, which will serve as a communication interface between the master central control unit and iNELS EIB bus (KNX) (KNX RF).


Knowledge of CU3-01M and Ethernet communication
Knowledge of the EIB bus (KNX RF KNX)
Knowledge of communication (TCP / UDP)
Knowledge of the design of HW and FW Ethernet and wireless communications


Central unit CU3-01M
HW platform eLAN
Devices KNX, ETS program