Thermostat - digital room and floor

These thermostats have digital controls and each has different temperature ranges and uses.


  • Rechargeable battery for data backup during power failure (e.g. high tariff for electric heating).
  • "Child lock" against unwanted manipulation.
  • The option to set the "Actual" or "Set" temperature display.
  • Antifreeze protection: When the temperature drops below + 5 ° C, the thermostat always switches on the heating system.
  • The option of heating or cooling (air conditioning).
  • Easy and intuitive 4-button control.
  • Automatic summer / winter time transition.
  • Holiday mode - It is possible to set the temperature and time interval between 1 hour and 99 days without having to intervene in the set program and / or completely turning the heating off (suitable for planned absence - holiday...).
  • ELEGANT horizontal design, wide range of colours, with the possibility to combine into multiple frames.


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+91 90816 69666