Thermostat TEV-1

Two-level thermostat with function “WINDOW” 

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  • Thermostat with „dead zone“, independent adjustable range -20 to+20 °C ( -4 °F to +68 °F).
  • Two-level thermostat with function “WINDOW” meaning that output is switched in case the measured temperature is within set range ( adjustable in range -20.. +20 °C/ -4 °F to +68 °F).
  • Used as protection against freezing ( water-shoots, pavements, drives, pipes, etc.) heating is on when temperature falls under set upper level (e.g.+5 °C/ +41 °F) and off in case it falls under lower level (e.g.-10 °C /-50 °F, when heating is not able eff ectively operate).
  • Function monitoring short-circuit and sensor disconnection (break).


  • Supply voltage: 230V AC.
  • Output changeover contact 16A/ SPDT (AC-1).
  • Thermostat is placed in water-proof box with IP65, which allows installation outside, with in-built sensor TC-0.


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+91 90816 69666