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Universal dimmer SMR-M

Universal dimmer
4-wires (with NEUTRAL)

EAN: 8595188143776 | Code: 4377


  • Designed for dimming of incandescent bulbs and halogen lights with wound or electronic transformer, dimmable light bulbs and dimmable LED.
  • Enables gradual setting of luminance by push-button (non-detent) or parallel buttons.
  • Returns to last state upon re-energization.
  • Type of light source is set by switch-over on the front panel of device. 
  • Min. luminance, set by potentiometer on the front panel, eliminates flashing of light sources.


  • Dimmable loads: R - L - C - ESL - LED
  • Output: 2x MOSFET
  • Output loads: 160 VA
  • Protections: overheating and overload
  • Housing: BOX
  • Supply voltage (frequency): AC 230 V (50 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 21 mm (1.9˝x 1.9˝x 0.8˝)


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