We are certifying our iNELS Air products for you.

We  are certifying our iNELS Air products for you. photo

In the Czech Republic the Sigfox network for the Internet of Things is becoming more widespread. Not only the network, but also the overall structure of the Internet of Things is specially designed for transmitting small amounts of data, and low power consumption over long distances. Thanks to this, the sensor, detector or sensor battery will last for several years.

Each end device and communications module operating within the Sigfox network must be certified. Sigma Communication Verified Module and Sigfox Reference Design are required for communication chips and modules.

In our products we already use certified communication modules, so we are only obliged to add the "Sigfox Ready End Product" certification. We have been awarded this for our first two products from the forthcoming new series iNELS Air.

AirIM-100S – Universal sensor for detection of emergency situations. Its versatile use is, for example, for monitoring temperature, voltage or current passage, levelling or energy measurements. This sensor received a certificate with ID P_0094_56EE_01.

AirTM-100S – Pulse transducer, which uses magnetic, infrared or LED sensors to capture data from home energy meters (electricity, water, and gas). Thanks to it you have your consumption under control. The certification ID of this converter is P_0094_B301_01.

Both products have the highest certificate level and fall into Class 0, which is the best possible class to achieve. These classes are determined based on the measurement of the radiating power of the integrated antenna.

All products from the new iNELS Air range are developed for the RCZ1 (Radio Configuration Zone 1), operating at 868.13 MHz, covering Europe, Oman and South Africa.

We firmly believe that the certification of the remaining products will simply continue and soon we will have new products available for you.


We  are certifying our iNELS Air products for you. photo
Date of publication: 27. 07. 2017

Information about the company

ELKO EP is one of the leading European players in the field of domestic and industrial installations for more than 23 years. Since 2007, the company has developed and produced its own system of intelligent Smart Home & Building Solutions called iNELS.

The company ELKO EP HOLDING currently employs nearly 300 people, exports to 70 countries around the world and already has 10 foreign branches. The company is rightly proud of its own production of components, custom development and innovation of new products. It is also able to offer its customers immediate distribution and quick, flawless service. ELKO EP became Company of the Year in 2012 and has the TOP 100 Czech firms’ award.



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