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We will decide about our future, not robots

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The first international conference FUTURE CITY MADE BY IoT, which will take place April 17 - 18 in Prague, will present innovative solutions for the present together with a vision for the future development of urban infrastructure of urban systems and infrastructure for the next thirty to fifty years.

The conference is organized by the Center of the Future (CMB) of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, CTU in Prague (CIIRC) in cooperation with the Central Bohemian Region under the auspices of the Central Bohemian Region Governor Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová and CIIRC scientific director Professor Vladimír Mařík. The conference will also be attended by the managing director of ELKO EP and the chairman of the Smart Living Association Jiří Konečný with a lecture on the Truth and Myths about IoT for Smart Cities.

The aim of the conference is to build a permanent platform for discussions about the near and distant future and to prepare society for the expected changes and even the unexpected ones. The conference will bring together experts from the Czech Republic and foreign experts. Representatives of the academic and public spheres and the commercial sector will offer not only a mix of expert and popular visionary views of the near and distant future of cities and regions, but also the way people live and behave, which are gradually changing with the implementation of new communication and digital technologies.

Media discussion topics

Participants and speakers will try to answer a number of open questions related, for example, to the emergence of autonomous technologies and the filling of the city's interior with new elements of varying degrees of intelligence that they will need to communicate with each other, but also with the surroundings, such as buildings. The topics discussed will also be presented, such as the future of alternative energy sources and the future of its storage, as well as new forms of transport and the real possibility of mass deployment of autonomous vehicles in normal operation.

A series of experts will present their visions

The conference will be presented by Professor Vladimír Mařík, CIIRC scientific director and the main representative of the Industry and Society 4.0 concept, who will also present his vision at the conference. Other speakers will be CMB leader Ing. arch. Michal Postránecký, Chairman of the Board of CTU Ing. Jan Fibiger, CSc., former Prague mayor and ambassador of the Czech Republic in Vienna Jan Koukal (RNDr., CSc., Dr.h.c.) or Chairman of the Smart Living Association Ing. Jiří Konečný. Speakers representing institutions from the Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria are also expected.

Open Day

On the first day of the conference, on 17 April, the Open Day of the City of Future Center will be held at CIIRC, where CMB partners and other cooperating entities will present themselves. ELKO will present its Smart Pole to the professional and public, which will be one of the main features of the event.

Conference summary

The conference will take place on 17 and 18 April 2019 at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC), Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3 in Prague 6. The co-organizers are the City of the Future CIIRC CTU, Central Bohemian Region and the Central Bohemian Tourism Center. The event is held under the auspices of the Governor of the Central Bohemian Region, Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, and the CIIRC Scientific Director, Professor Vladimír Mařík.

The FUTURE CITY MADE BY IoT conference is intended primarily for representatives of municipalities in Czech cities and regions. The conference also includes a gala reception at the President Hotel for invited guests. Several members of the Government of the Czech Republic have already promised to attend.

Further information and the conference program will be published at

Date of publication: 05. 04. 2019


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