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Level switch RFSF-1B

EAN: 8595188148603 | Code: 4860


  • Monitors areas (e.g. bathrooms, basements, shafts or tanks) to provide flood warning.
  • Upon detecting water, the fl ood detector immediately sends a signal to the switched unit, which further switches on a pump, GSM gate or closes a pipe valve.
  • The programming button on the detector is used to:
    a) setting the function with switching unit
    b) ascertaining battery status
    c) ascertaining signal quality between the unit and detector.
  • Battery power supply (1x 3 V CR 2477 battery - included in the supply) with battery life of around 1 year based on frequency of use.
  • The detector can be placed anywhere thanks to battery power.
  • Range up to 160 m (in open space); if the signal is insufficient between the controller and unit, use the signal repeater RFRP-20 or protocol component RFIO2, that support this feature.
  • Communication frequency with bidirectional protocol RFIO.
  • Option of connecting an external probe FP-1, max. wire length 30 m.


  • Battery power: 1x 3 V battery CR 2477
  • Design: BOX
  • Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 13 mm
  • Protocol: RFIO


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