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Wireless hydrostatic level sensor - RFSLT-S3


EAN: 8595188183994 | Code: 8399


  • It measures the level of liquids based on the principle of hydrostatic pressure measurement.
  • It consists of a communication unit in a plastic case with IP65 protection placed above the surface and a stainless steel pressure probe connected by a cable lowered to the bottom of the tank.
  • The standard length of the probe cable is 3m or 9m. 
  • The unit communicates wirelessly via the RFIO2 protocol with the devices of the iNELS RF Control system and is powered by a 3V6 lithium battery. The range of the switching actuators from the unit is determined by the building/location, in open space, it is normally 200 meters.
  • The unit can also communicate with the eLAN-RF-103 gateway, which conveys level information to the iNELS application.
  • In the application, it is possible to manage switching actors, edit notifications, and continuously monitor the level, pressure, temperature and battery discharge status in the unit.
  • The unit itself is set up via the iSonda application from an Android/iOS smartphone via the Bluetooth interface (LowEnergy, 4.1 and higher). 


  • Power supply: Battery (lithium cell, 3V6-AA-LS)
  • Communication protocol: RFIO2, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Protection: IP65, probe IP68
  • Dimension: 136 x 62 x 34 mm


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