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Twilight switch RFSOU-1

EAN: 8595188147071 | Code: 8926


  • The twilight switch measures the light intensity and based on a set value, it sends the command to switch on the lights or pull the blinds up or down.
  • It can be combined with multifunctional switching units and blind switches.
  • Integrated sensor for measuring illumination, settable in 3 ranges 1-100,000 lx.
  • Selection of function:
    a) twilight switch – automatically switches on upon a decrease in ambient light intensity, switches off upon an increase (appropriate for garden lights, advertisements, public lighting, etc.).
    b) light switch – automatically switches on upon an increase in ambient light intensity, switches off upon a decrease (appropriate for offices, restaurants, rooms, etc.).
  • Settable delay of up to 2 minutes to eliminate unwanted switching caused by surrounding influences.
  • The twilight switch may control up to 32 units in the installation.
  • The programming button on the regulator is used for:
    a) setting a function with a switching or blind unit
    b) ascertaining battery status
    c) ascertaining signal quality between the unit and dimmer.
  • Battery power (2x 1.5 V AAA batteries - included in supply) with a battery life of around 2 years based on the number of controlled units.
  • Range up to 160 m (in open space), if the signal is insufficient between the controller and unit, use the signal repeater RFRP-20N or protocol component RFIO2 that supports this feature.
  • Communication frequency with bidirectional protocol RFIO2.
  • The increased IP65 protection is suited to mounting on the wall or in the rural environment.


  • Battery power: 2x batteries 1.5 V AAA
  • Protection: IP65
  • Dimensions: 72 x 62 x 34 mm
  • Protocol: RFIO2


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