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MS Magnetic sensor

The magnetic sensor scans movement of the numeral, upon which a permanent magnet is placed.

EAN: 8595188155779 | Code: 5577


  • The LED sensor scans LED impulses on the meter, which indicates consumption by flashing.
  • The LED sensor is particularly suitable for power meters that support LED pulse sensing (the LED on the meter is marked “imp”).
  • The sensor‘s scanner is affixed with glue above the LED diode of the meter signaling indication of consumption.
  • The sensor is connected to the internal terminal of the RFTM-1 converter.

Technical parameteres

  • Operating temperature: -20.. +50°C
  • Diameter of the connecting wire: max. 3,5 mm
  • Lenght of wire: 1,5m²
  • Cover: IP65


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