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7 tips, how smart house can sweeten Christmas

7 tips, how smart house can sweeten Christmas photo

Few of us can imagine Christmas time without candles, candle sticks, lights, a lit Christmas tree and bright decorations that adorn balconies and trees and entire houses. 

1. Christmas interior decoration in the windows – lights, light strings or other Christmas light accessories can be controlled by a smartphone.
What do you need? Smart box eLAN-RF-003 and switching socket RFSC-61.
2. The lamp standing in the corner of the room with a soft backlight can create the right Christmas atmosphere. Can you not dim your lamp? It does not matter. External dimmers can do this.
What do you need? Dimming socket RFDSC-71 and RF Key
3. Do you want to decorate your house with coloured LED strips that automatically change colour? Accurately tailored to your needs, we will prepare a solution specifically for your home.
What do you need? Dimmer RFDA-73 / RGB LED + Remote Control RF Pilot and tell us how many meters of LED strips you need for your home
4. The colour of Christmas controlled by your smart phone. You can mount LED bulbs anywhere in the house or apartment and simply control them from your mobile phone.
What do you need? Colour Light Bulb RF-RGB-LED-550 and smart box eLAN-RF-003
5. Music is inherent to  a Christmas full of joy. LARA will take care of unforgettable moments. It can play music from the phone, radio or central repository, and all in the design of a switch What do you need? LARA radio (you can freely select your radio design in our configurator)
6. Have oversight over children, protect them from danger, it is sometimes beyond human power, and twice as much at Christmas time. Bake, clean, we try to prepare for the wonderful moments spent with family, while not escaping the dangers lurking over our loved ones. The solution is a camera tehat sends the image into a smartphone, allowing you to monitor what is most important to you.
What you need? IP camera for indoor use (iNELS Cam) and iHC application.
7. Electric fireplaces, heaters, radiators are in every household, whether they are used as decoration or a heat source. Under no circumstances can they be left unattended! And what if gaining control over these appliances can also save you money?
What do you need? Wireless temperature controller RFTC-50G and Switching Socket RFSC-61
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Date of publication: 13. 12. 2018


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