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Dimming actuator for LED sources, 3-channel DCDA-33M


EAN: 8595188146807 | Code: 4680


  • DCDA-33M is a dimming unit designed to dim single-color and RGB LED light sources controlled by variable current.
  • The actuator has three independent channels and each output channel is individually addressable and controllable.
  • DCDA-33M actuator can be controlled from the BUS, DALI or DMX.
  • When controlling the unit from the BUSes and DMX, also the fourth virtual channel can be supported to control overall brightness (BUS – set in iDM3, DMX – set by long press of the PRG button).
  • DCDA-33M can directly control from the system iNELS where the communication interface is the installation BUS.
  • If for controlling, a communication interface DALI or DMX is used, it is possible to use the master unit EMDC-64M.
  • The supply voltage of the dimming unit must be at least 4V higher than the expected output voltage on the load.
  • Setting the communication interface and addresses of actuators is performed using DIP switches:
    a) switch No. 1
      - In the upper position determines DALI or BUS
      - In the lower position determines DMX
    b ) switch No. 2 (if that switch 1 is in the upper position)
      - In the upper position determines DALI
      - In the lower position determines BUS
  • Using the control buttons on the front panel, you can manually control the output.
  • The input circuits of communication interfaces are optically isolated from the supply voltage connected lamp unit, and is therefore resistant to electromagnetic interference.
  • DCDA-33M in 3-module is designed for panel mounting on DIN rail EN60715.

Technical parameters

  • Supply voltage from BUS / tolerance: 27V DC, -20 / +15 % 
  • Consuption: min. 0.5 W, max. 165 W 
  • Protection degree: IP20 device, IP40 mounitg in the switchboard 
  • Operating position: vertical
  • Installation: into switchboard on DIN rail EN60715 
  • Implementation: 3-MODULE 
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65 mm  
  • Weight: 135g  


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