Universal dimmer SMR-M

Universal dimmer with load setting (R, L, C, ESL, LED) brings the option of dimming 90% of dimmable light sources on the market

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  • Replacing the switch below the button under which the SMR-M is installed you can achieve effective lighting level control.
  • Universal load setting – bulbs, halogen lamps, low voltage bulbs with wound or electric transformers, dimmable energy saving bulbs and LED bulbs.
  • Minimal setting of brightness by potentiometer –> elimination of flashing by the light source.
  • Memory for the most recently set brightness.
  • Option of connecting 15 units of buttons with glow lamps.
  • Protection against excessive temperature inside the device.


  • Power voltage AC 230 V.
  • Output contact: 2x contactless output (MOSFET 160 W for cosφ =1).
  • Version with mounting to the installation box.


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