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Do not underestimate the eaves heating in winter

Do not underestimate the eaves heating in winter
  • Effective heating
  • Cost savings
  • Saving time and power

It scares you in the winter while you are sleeping,  nightmares in the form of icicles hanging from eaves or roofs, or dreams of piles of snow that have scattered across the landscape, turning it into a white kingdom, enjoyed by kids watching all day long and thinking about sledging. Jaromír Nohavica sang about what we will be talking about. White stuff falling, forming drifts and piles, snow, through which you cannot get out of the house.

Heating gutters and driveways can relieve a lot of work and recover valuable time. But in case of inconsistent and inefficient use, it can be very expensive. But be careful! In the case of unregulated heating gutter, only switched on, it can burn for many days. Statistics agree to 500 hours of effective targeted heating of the year. However, if you use an inefficient control for regulation then for 1000 hours at 30W power per meter with a  cable length of 50 m, 3750 CZK burn completely and totally unnecessary.

Raise your heating system!

The bigger the house, the more time-consuming the worries. You can spend more pleasantly. With family, dedicate time to hobbies, sports... Sweeping snow from the eaves and strengthening while shovelling the driveway takes precious time! Purchase the TER-3A thermostat that effectively regulates heating. It only closes when it is really necessary. The thermostats are suitable for both classic installation and wireless. By acquiring the TER-3 A thermostat and the TZ series thermal sensors, you automate the heating of eaves or driveways, preventing the heating system from acting ineffectively and inefficiently. In combination with other sensors, this regulation can be even more efficient!

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