SOU-1 + fotosensor SKS

Twilight switch with external fotosensor used for switching street illumination and garden lights, illumination of advertisements, shop windows, etc.

: 8595188175517 | : 7551 (230V)
: 8595188180467 | : 8046 (UNI)


  • Level of ambient intensity is monitored by an external sensor and output is switched according to set level on the device.
  • External sensor IP44 suitable for mounting on the wall (cover and holder of a sensor are a part of the package)
  • Level of illumination adjustable in two ranges.
  • Adjustable time delay to eliminate short term fluctuation in illumination.
  • Control input for additional control, e.g. time switch, preswitch etc.
  • Automatic conversion summer/winter time.


  • Universal power voltage AC/DC 12 – 240V nebo AC 230 V.
  • Reserve of battery up to 3 years.
  • Output contact: 1x changeover 16 A (AgSnO2).
  • 1-MODULe, DIN rail mounting.
  • Fotosensor SKS in cover IP44.



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