Staircase switch with dimming DIM-2

The stair dimmer gradually turns on the light, and then when the set time is on it finally gradually goes out. Most used in apartment houses and their entrances or corridors, but also as normal lighting.

: 8595188112475 | : 1247
: 8595188135740 (DIM-2-1h) | : 3574 (DIM-2-1h)


  • Designated for dimming el. bulbs, halogen lights and halogen lights with winding transformers. 
  • Parallel connection of controlling pushbuttons is possible.
  • Continuous light to minimal brightness.

You can set these values on the staircase:
Brightness at which lighting should be activated
Ramp rate of switching on the lamps
Illumination reduction rate
The time for the lamp to be lit at the set brightness

  • All time intervals can be adapted according to a request for 1 hour.


  • Power voltage AC 230 V.
  • Output contact: 1x contlactless output (triac, R – 10 – 500 VA/L – 10 – 250 VA).
  • 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting.


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