Economy diigital thermo-valve - ATV-1

Energy saving thermo-valve is a programmable control device for heating elements (mainly radiators).

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  • It can be used for room temperature control, which can help reduce heat and energy consumption.
  • Completely independent from any other devices.
  • Main function:

a)    Manual mode - measurement and control of the manually set temperature.
b)    Automatic mode - control between two temperatures according to the set time program.
c)    Comfort temperature (factory setting at 21 ° C))
d)    Saving temperature (factory setting at 16 ° C)

  • For 1 day, 8 individually programmable switching times can be set (4 intervals for heating and 4 for standby) .
  • Other setting options:

a)    Timer function - the temperature can be set for a certain adjustable time interval.
b)    Holiday mode - You can set any temperature during your absence.
c)    Open window function - When the temperature drops, the appliance automatically closes the heating valve to save energy.
d)    Anti-tampering against unwanted manipulation.
e)    Antifreeze protection - When the temperature drops below 6 ° C, the head opens until the temperature exceeds 8 ° C.

  • It is characterized by quiet operation.
  • Simple and fast installation.


  • Battery supply 2x AA battery 1,5 V, high battery lifetime up to 5 years.
  • Temperature range +8°C to +28°C.
  • In thermostatic mixing valve design, electronic version.
  • Dimension h/w/d: 76,5 x 53,5 x 63 mm.


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