Multifunction digital thermostat TER-9

Universal and variable thermostat containing all common thermostatic functions

: 8595188124478 | : 4698 (AC 230V)
: 8595188129190 | : 4699 (AC/DC 24V)


  • Digital thermostat with 6 functions and in-built time switch clock, with daily and weekly program ( as SHT-1/2). Thermo functions can be managed also in real time.
  • Complex control of heating and water heating in a house, solar heating.
  • Functions: two independent thermostats, 1x dependent, diff erential thermostat, 2-stage thermostat, thermostat with dead zone, heating functions.
  • Short circuit and monitor disconnect function.
  • Program setting of output function, calibration of sensors according to reference temperature ( off set).
  • Memory for the most often used temperatures.
  • Zero error when value setting.


  • Supply galvanically separated AC 230 V or AC/DC 24 V galvanically unseparated.
  • Output contact: 1x changeover/SPDT 8 A / 250 V AC1 for each output.
  • 2-MODULE, DIN rail mounting.



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+91 90816 69666