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External master BUS MI3-02M


EAN: 8595188132411 | Code: 3241 standard


  • External master MI3-02M provides expansion of the number of units iNELS3 connected to the central unit CU3-0XM of two other lines of BUS (i.e. about 2x 32 peripheral units).
  • Through the system BUS EBM, it is possible to connect to one central unit up to 8 external masters MI3-02M.
  • Combining central unit CU3-01M (02M) or CU3-05M (06M) and 8 external masters MI3-02M we can reach maximum capacity of iNELS system up to 576 peripheral units.
  • If you require an extended system then it is possible to use communication of up to 8 central units with Connection server using ELKONET protocol, eventually the integration of more central units into BMS via ASCII protocol.
  • MI3-02M has been marked on the front panel of the unique hardware address. This address belongs to line BUS1. The hardware address of BUS2 line is always one value higher than for BUS1.
  • MI3 units are supplied from PSM3-100/iNELS.
  • To power the lines BUS, it is necessary to use a BUS separator BPS3-02M or BPS3-01M (supply only one line).
  • Status signaling of each BUS (operation, fault) is indicated by two-color LEDs on the front panel of the module.
  • The last MI2-02M connected to the EBM BUS must be closed with a 120 Ω termination resistor. This part adapted to be inserted between terminals is included into central units packages and it is necessary to insert it between terminals EBM+ and EBM-.
  • MI3-02M in 1-MODULE version is designed for mounting into a switchboard, on DIN rail EN60715.


  • Output: 2x BUS iNELS3
  • Supply voltage (frequency): BUS 27 V DC
  • Rated current: 25 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 17.6 x 64 mm


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