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Wall switch button, 2 buttons WSB3-20, WSB3-20H

EAN: 8595188132343 | Code: 3234 standard (WSB3-20)
EAN: 8595188132473 | Code: 3247 standard (WSB3-20H)


  •  Wall controllers with low-upstroke control WSB3-20 and WSB-20H are the main and most frequently used units (controller) in the iNELS system.
  •  Built-in micro-buttons with low upstroke offer elegant and easy controlling.
  •  Wall switches WSB3-20 and WSB3-20H are available in a 2-channel version.
  •  Double color (red/green) LED diode indicates either status of controlled appliances or the status of any sensor or actuator in the system.
  •  Each controller is equipped with a temperature sensor. It is also equipped with two analog/digital inputs (AIN/DIN), which can be used to connect two potentialless contacts or one external temperature sensor TC/TZ (e.g. for measuring floor temperature).
  • Wall button WSB3-20H is comparable to the WSB3-20 but additionally equipped with a relative humidity meter, and for better access of air to the sensor can be used with 99621T   including accessories 99622 (Vista MT) and 99,623 (Vista IRMT), instead of the housing cover 99601T.
  •  Compared to standard wall buttons WSB3-20 and WSB3-20H are more flexible and multifunctional. You can, for example, control appliances with a short and long push of the button (e.g.: dimming, shutter control, scenes).
  •  Each button can control any appliance in the system and can use a variety of centralized or time-controlled features. Accordingly, the customer can choose the simplicity/complexity of the operation. The big advantage is the possibility to change the method of control by only making software modifications without physical interventions
  •  into the structure of the building.
  •  Each button (fold) can have different functional modes besides lighting control:
    a) Classic wall-switch:
         - upper button ON, bottom button OFF
    b) Button controller (impulse relay):
         - first press ON, second press OFF
    c) Dimmer:
        - short press – ON/OFF
    d) Time switch:
        - ON after press, automatically OFF after set time
    e) Setting light scenes – for example: for watching TV:
        - shutters down
        - main light 30% intensity
        - wall-lamps 50% intensity
  •  WSB3 in LOGUS90 design is designed for mounting into an installation box.


  • Number of buttons: 2
  • Supply voltage: BUS 27 V DC
  • Rated current from BUS: 25 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Internal temp. sensor: yes
  • Inputs: 2x temperature or 2x digital
  • Dimensions plastic: 85.6 x 85.6 x 42 mm 
  • Dimensions other materials: 94 x 94 x 36 mm


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