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Digital room thermo-regulator IDRT3-1

EAN: 8595188149488 | Code: IDRT3-1/BR


  • IDRT3-1 is a digital wall temperature controller used to regulate the temperature in a room.
  • Using the IDRT3-1, it is possible to correct the given heating/cooling circuit within a range of ±3, ±4 or ±5 °C (optional in SW iDM3).
  • The temperature controller is equipped with an integrated heat sensor used to measure the room temperature. It is also equipped with two analog-digital inputs (AIN/DIN), which can be used to connect two potential free contacts or a single external temperature sensor TC/TZ (e.g. for measuring the fl oor temperature).
  • The display shows the current temperature and after pressing one of two buttons under the display, you can control the desired temperature.
  • Readability improves after pressing one of the buttons to activate the backlight.
  • The heating/cooling circuit is assigned with a thermo-regulator using iDM3.
  • In the case of temperature correction within ±3, ±4 or ± 5 °C, this change is valid until the next time mark within the time schedule established in iDM3.
  • IDRT3 -1 in design LOGUS90 is intended for mounting into an installation box.


  • Number of buttons: 2 (for temperature correction)
  • Supply voltage: BUS 27 V DC 
  • Rated current from BUS: 20 mA (at 27 V DC)
  • Internal temp. sensor: Yes
  • Inputs: 2x temperature or 2x digital
  • Dimensions plastic: 85.6 x 85.6 x 42 mm
  • Dimensions other materials: 94 x 94 x 50 mm


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