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Regulation of Heating under Control

Regulation of Heating under Control
  • Effective regulation
  • Cost savings
  • Easy to install

Measure your temperature

During the day you use different rooms. Some you visit more often, some less. Many people prefer different temperatures in individual rooms. One temperature you need in the morning in the kitchen, another in afternoon in the living room and another in the bedroom to sleep. But how to heat the house properly and not throw money out of the window?

Without heating control, disproportionate temperature fluctuations occur. In the evening you have an overheated bedroom, so you turn the heating off and open the windows to allow valuable, expensive, heat paid for with a lot of money sent out of the windows. In the morning because you switched off the heater in the evening, you have a terrible winter in the kitchen. Did you know that every degree of Celsius plays a big role in the energy bill?

With efficient heating control, you can save up to 30 % per year. The return depends on the extent of regulation, namely whether you have only one thermostat for the whole house, or one in every room. And how much can you really save? We calculated the savings for hot water and electric heating.

How does iNELS do it? Heat with a brain
Set the weekly heating program on the ATV-1 thermostatic head in your house or apartment exactly as you move around your house. If all residents of the house leave at work and school at 7 am, the house temperature automatically drops to 18 °C. If you return at 4 pm, the heating will start at 15 pm and you will come to a heated house according to your requirements. For the weekend, of course, set the mode that suits you best.

It also works wirelessly
If you do not want to do heavy construction work - demolition, wall excavation, etc., but still want to save, the RFTC-50G wireless thermostat in combination with RFSA-61 switchgear (RFS-61) or RFSC-61 . The switching component controls the heating source (boiler, heating cable, thermo-head or convector). The wireless solution is applicable for any existing installation.

Control the heating efficiently and comfortably with the RF Wireless Touch Unit, which can communicate with up to 40 temperature sensors and 40 switching components (for electric heating) as well as with the 40 RFATV thermostats designed for water heater control. 

We know that this is a professional topic, so please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to explain not only the functionality of the system but also how to put it into operation.

Contact us on 800 100 671 or by email at
Did you know that you can have a smart and economical household without building construction? More about wireless solutions on: iNELS RF Control.

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