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Input contacts converter - 4x permanent contacts RFIM-40B


Available while stocks last.
Replacement: Input contact converter - RFIM-40B/BP-SL
EAN: 8595188137188 | Code: 8134


  • RFIM-40B: the wireless contact converter changes your existing wired button to a wireless one.
    - four inputs enable control of four units independently.
    - battery power supply (2x 3 V CR 2032 batteries) with battery life of around 5 years based on frequency of use (included in the supply).
    - button control (input must not be permanently closed)
  • It can be used to transmit information on switching on the contact (detector, button, technology, logic output).
  • When pressing the button, it sends a set signal (ON/OFF, dimming, time switching OFF/ON, blinds up/down).
  • Option of setting light scenes, where with a single press, you can control multiple units of iNELS RF Control.
  • Range up to 200 m (in open space), if the signal is insuffi cient between the controller and unit, use the signal repeater RFRP-20 or protocol component RFIO2 that support this feature.
  • Communication frequency with bidirectional protocol RFIO.
  • The BOX design lets you mount it right in an installation box under the button or switch.


  • Battery power: 2x 3 V batteries CR2032
  • Design: BOX
  • Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 13 mm
  • Protocol: RFIO2


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